OK, time to update MESSAGE. We had an exhibition for my clothing brand and our monthly party in the beginning of last month, and another party we have every 3 months, “19th RETURN OF THE FAT”. Other than that, we were filming for the upcoming dvd,”OVERGROUND BROADCASTING”. We’re coming towards the end of filming, we’re all working both physically and mentally to the fullest. I spent 7 years for this project and the work of my skating career of 20 yaers is about to be finished. It has become a business, but it doesn’t matter, we’re not gonna be a slave to the sponsors, we’re gonna only wear what we want, do our tricks, but work real hard. We’re gonna drop an audio-visual piece that reject those who skate as a sport to put food on the table. We’re almost there. Let’s keep it going, my friends.

By the way, I’m going to write about 2 parties that we have at our hometown.

5 years from now, a space where you can listen to music real loud was opened in my hometown. A club, “Heavy Sck Zero”. Kitty corner from the club, there used to be a bar where you can listen to music loud as well. The opening of Heavy Sick had become an important part for me, past and present. There are 2 floors, PA booth, counter, lounge…everything what a club needs. As soon as the place was open, I organized a party with my DJ friends. It might had been a place to meet people you normally don’t see at first. Or a place to pick up chicks, maybe vice versa. Well, where there’s a lot of people, things happen. No big deal. But as I kept continuing the party, something started to change. I don’t know exactly what it is, but with the power I gained from it, I started doing another party. A party started by my 2 friends and I, “Midnight Express”. A monthly party on Thursday, departs at midnight. No guests, no VIP, no invitation and no commercial. A space just to enjoy music in full volume. I’m going to write about this one, Midnight Express.

An amateur DJing in front of people…I was never embarassed or anything, but having a lot of people over and taking money from them…no way. I have a rule and stance as an amateur, and I’m aware of where I stand. The club let us do it for free. I promised them, “I won’t try too hard to fill the club or advertise, I’ll do everything in my own way.” I also told them, “If a lot of people come for our sound eventually, pay us.” That’s how it all started and we were all fascinated by the new discoveries at the DJ booth. It was totally different from playing music at home or in a car. A sense of tension is always there when you output things inside of you in front of people even though there’s not many. How do you get across your knowledge and emotional impact to people the same way as I feel or even more? It’s a repetition of the experiment. Maybe it makes me feel like this when I play music made by someone I’ve never met. Using those music, I express the thing that I believe in. There’s no scatch or mix, my technique is nothing compared to those who’ve been DJing for years. But I have “MUSIC” as my experience through life, through things that made me who I am today. Music taught me that there’s a future in ahead of things, and that will always stay eternal and profound. I imagine, the fact that I don’t have the skill and knowledge will be a delight in life. Everytime one of us 3 DJs is playing, we try hard and summon all the courage to get the music across toward the other 2 Djs and the audience. We try hard to understand each other through music, without fear of failure. I’m not trying to make a living by DJing nor music, but when it’s time to do something in front of an audience, you have to believe in yourself and do it. You have to do what you believe in. Don’t bite off more than you can chew and you’ve got to do it.

I’ve learnt the joy of music through DJing even though I’m an amateur. And music is totally free, DJing looks simple but totally deep, that’s what makes it profound and it blew my mind. By using someone elses’ music and message and changing them into my own words, thoughts, philosophy, and express them live to the floor. I don’t think that I have the confidence nor consciousness, but when I play, I try to get across everything in me with all my power and love, in FULL VOLUME. Friends who come to our party to have fun, those who dance, drink, get wasted and not being able to wake up until sunrise. Those who drink only at the lounge, those who come irritated from work. Those who act cheerfully but can only believe in yourself.

First of all, we’re playing for friends who come to the party. Come and have fun. Maybe you don’t know much about music. Maybe you don’t dance. That doesn’t mean a thing. And if you will, come into the floor and close your eyes. You don’t have to use your eyes, you don’t have to see anybody. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Music conquers all at the floor. Sound that makes you feel good, hard sound, strong sound, noisy sound, scary sound, dizzy crazy sound, strange sound that echoes through space, cool sound, harsh sound, joyful sound, weak and delicate but gentle and strong sound. You don’t have to know much about music to listen to those kinds of sound, right? I’m trying hard even though my sound is still young and weak. Party is there to enjoy to the fullest. This is our hometown, don’t worry. Let’s take it easy.

Club “Heavy Sick Zero” staffs Yuji, Kaneyan, Miho, and others I can’t remember their names, Thanks so much. Thanks for keeping it open till so late (early). Thank You.

FESN director, Takahiro Morita