2 months to go until the year 2007 ends! We’ve been releasing our products back to back from June 2005. Tha Blue Herb documentary dvd “that’s the way hope goes” in June 2005. A skate video featuring our local town Nakano,”behind the broad” in July 2005. “underground broadcasting” in August 2006.The soundtrack cd 2 months after in October. 4 12 inch vinyls, finishing sequal “on the broad” in 3 months and released in January 2007. We’ve been concentrating on production of “overground broadcasting”, filming all over the country like I’ve written in the report section. We’ve challenged making our first vinyl, releasing skate titles in overloaded schedule, and having our first LIBE BRAND UNIVS exhibition.
Yeah, that’s why time flew so fast, but it was only possible with a help from my friends. I’m not going to say thank you here, but it’s the truth,you know? Well, let me write about our friends and crew who has been supporting FESN.

I picked up my camera 13 years ago. I wanted to change where I stood and had ideas to change the skate scene at that time in Japan. I never had my own crew or team at that time, I was always thinking to myself, “team? crew? what’s that?” I was thinking, “Friends are just fine! Just having good sessions with friends and having fun is fine!” So I guess I never really thought about joining a team or say that I’m so and so crew. My local town is Nakano and Koenji, but I’ve always changed the places to skate and skated freely everywhere. There weren’t many skaters who could come and hang with me, so I was left alone to skate on my own and hung out with whoever I met at spots. My grandparents live in Gunma, so I skated and became friends with skaters in Maebashi, Takasaki, and Honjo. I met a lot of skaters all over the country when I was entering contests and they broadened my view on skating. I liked to skate everywhere, so I met so many skaters. Although you only have a little time to hang out with them, if you skate together, you start to see what kind of person they are. A guy who don’t like to lose, who’s never afraid of anything, who pretends to be courageous, who only talks a lot, who’s got style, who’s got good taste, who’s got no taste, who’s got no taste but hilarious, and who’s always motivated. All the friends I met on the road were all kinds of different types of people. Someone who’s motivated on skating, not motivated on skating but on music, not motivated on skating or music but obsessed with good food, someone who skates but likes music more… Lot of different kinds of people live all over the country and I became friends with them. As I went alone with a skateboard and a camera, there were always people who warmly accepted me. There’s no need to narrow your actions just because the team is different…sponsor is different…crew is different… I don’t want to stop filming their moments for that reason. Yeah, Tokyo or not, skating has always been really dope. I wanted to prove it and that’s why I picked up my camera.

Now that the time has passed, my local skate shop Fat Bros was awarded for the best team in a skate magazine. I didn’t really care, but the others were genuinely happy with it. I used to not care about team or crew, but now I’m awarded for the best team… It’s kind of funny, but if we’re awarded, we’re awarded. At the same time, when a local shop tries hard just a little you get awarded. What the hell are all the other teams doing in this country? Well, forget it. We’re going to pursue our mission to tell people the real pleasure of skating in our way. And if we assume that FESN and Fat Bros lead people whom we met on our way, the award and props in a magazine don’t mean shit. We have to pursue really interesting things with friends all over the country, those in other countries, and non-skaters who understand us. Friends from the past, present, skaters, ex-skaters, non-skaters, people who read this, please read this with a smile on your face thinking, “you haven’t changed!” This part I’ll never change.

FESN director, Takahiro Morita