It’s finally April! We’re going to release our new DVD “Overground Broadcasting” this month! No… let me apologize. You’re gonna have to wait for a little while.
It’s going to be released on May 24. Sorry for those who had been waiting to watch it. We’re gonna have to work our asses off until the release (we’re making the soundtrack simultaneously), but it’s all for the piece. I have to be sure not to disappoint people who have expectations for this DVD. Please wait until I’m fully satisfied with what I’ve got.

By the way, there’s some fun thing happening in the FESN headquarters. We have our monthly party “Midnight Express” and a party which takes place every three months with guest DJs, “Return of the Fat”. We have a little ramp to skate that my friend built recently. We have music in full volume, skating, alcohol and friends. I don’t usually drink, but on this day, I drink, dance, skate and have fun with my friends. And I also DJ too. It’s all about having fun. It’s a fact that there are people whom I can see only at parties, but it’s better to have a party where I can see them with good music and a little ramp. I’m going to continue having this party as long as possible, and I really mean it. No matter how busy you get, if you decided to do something, you have to try hard to continue whatever you started.

I’m turning 33 this year and I think if you want to have fun, you really have to try hard for it to happen. If you want to enjoy skating for instance, you have to be able to find time to do so. You have to face your declining physical and muscular strength. You have time to skate when you’re young and you’re filled with power unless you suffer from some illness. I got hurt so many times, so I’m used to rehabs. When I face what’s happening to my body, I have to try and do whatever I have to do to maintain the way I skate and my body balance. Probably skaters around my age or even older think like this naturally. I used to think people who stretch before skating was wack, and I still do. I just think that it’s something you have to do. Of course, I’ve broken my ankle five times, hurt my back, my neck, and broken both hands and fingers. I’ve dislocated and broke my right elbow and I still can’t stretch it. As for my broken ankle, I still have nightmares, waking up bathed in sweat.
I really feel that I don’t want to give up skating like this. When I’m try to film a certain trick and when I’m skating with my friends, when I decide that I want pull the trick, I’m never afraid of getting hurt. Or maybe I just don’t think about getting hurt. Even if I do get hurt, that’s the only way that I want to get hurt. I don’t try to pull a trick that I can’t pull only to impress people. And that will never be a reason to get hurt; you will regret if you do. The things that I thought were wack in the past; I can do them now anywhere. Be it a place where hot chicks are around or skaters whom I’ve never met are around. I don’t care if there were some young skaters see me stretch and think I’m wack. It’s all for my skating. I can skate better when I stretch. I can skate the way I image and don’t get hurt. That’s a wonderful thing.

I image the way I want to skate in my head and all the muscles react, expressing the image with your body in a blink of an eye. And when I’m able to skate the way I imaged, it becomes my skating. The image only belongs to me and it’s all mine. It doesn’t have to be the same with other people. If I know that it’s right for me, it’s good. I know what I want and I keep progressing. As I look back on what I have achieved and if I feel satisfied, that’s a supreme honor in life. Something that I can’t stop doing, that’s the appeal of skating. Whether I can skate good or bad, I try to enjoy it to the fullest. Be strict with yourself but gentle with others. All skaters should think that way to respect and praise others. We should continue and cooperate in doing what we love by understanding and respecting the differences in style, form, color, ideas, and skills. I can’t find any other thing that’s more appealing than skating. So I should keep doing it, right? To skaters out there, how’s the skating like in your town?

Our skate culture here in Nakano has just started. We’ve started a little skate session in our monthly party for starters. Yohey, Nakano and I started the party and Hagiwara helped with the idea to have a skate session. Akira Fujimoto built the ramp, Takuya Nakajima, Sonshi Yamada and people who had time also helped to have a place to have fun. Thanks to Heavysick Zero and the crew, we’re able to take the first step to start the Nakano skate culture. To those who come and enjoy the party, it’ll probably be on a weekday, but come and have fun. Or maybe you can skip work like what a skater should do! (laugh) Come and enjoy, this is your hometown; you don’t have to feel intimidated.

I really want to give all the props to Heavysick Zero to make this happen, and also Hagiwara for all the support. Thanks to all my crew. Nakaji, Sonshi, Hama, Yohey, Nakano, Ponchi, Yocchan, Gane, Keisuke, Kenji, and Macchan. Mossan for the ramp too. Thanks for all your work on building the ramps every time. Please keep giving me inspirations. People in Nakano and people in far towns who come to the party, a friend who came from Fukushima. And…Yuzo and Macha, how are you? Ohara and Watashi, Futoshi and Simon, how are you? Come and have fun when you have time.

I can say that the party is getting better and better. I feel that it could only happen with your help. Much respect and props go to all of you. “Thank you” And I look forward to your continued support.

FESN director, Takahiro Morita