Hey people, it’s now February and time for an update. How much longer am I going to be this busy? I question myself here and there, but I’m doing something that I love to do, so be it. I’m working with laughter day and night.
Well, January was all about work, work, and then work. Awake or asleep, I was occupied with work. I don’t know if I’m lucky or unlucky, but I have LIBE 2009 spring/summer exhibition and TBH tour DVD release both in the same month. Plus, I bought a new computer. I changed all my system and working on two projects. A lot of hard work… It’s still so hard to get used to the new computer. But I managed to work this thing after a month, and it’s soooo good! It’s very useful. Technology is great. The things that used to take a lot of time can be done in a second, and I can use the effect in real-time; it’s so useful. Technology has developed since I first started editing. But what’s funny is the development of the person who’s using it. Even if I have a perfect gear, my work hasn’t change since the beginning. I’m struggling more with time now. Yeah, I only bought this gear to deal with these two projects. I bought a small diji, SLR diji, small voice recorder and high quality mic too. They’re all for ‘THA BLUE HERB IN AUTUMN BRIGHTNESS TOUR’. And I only had two and a half months to finish it while preparing for the exhibition…
BUT, The projects are both in the highest quality ever. I always think I’m a genius (laugh). I’ll tell you guys a little about the DVD, it’s gonna be a two-DVD set. Two hours each. It seems super long, but you can experience a month tour in only four hours. That’s not much time, right? What a real short cut! The month long tour is burned in my brain, and I’m sure I’ll remember it till the day I die. So the least time that was needed to make the tour DVD was four hours. For those who are willing to buy it, I really want you to feel the vibe of the tour like how we felt it. The meaning, change, environment that surrounds TBH, condition and situation of the tour; I want to share everything about the tour and enjoy.
It’s going to come with a booklet. I wrote a little in the booklet to tell the story behind TBH and FESN.

“Everything synchronizes”. As I said earlier, the DVD and exhibition is prepared simultaneously. That means I have to work my ass off, but also I can work on two things I love. Too greedy, huh? There isn’t a lot of chance like this. I’m gonna enjoy the rest of the work.

Please wait a little more for these projects, DVD and LIBE clothing to be delivered to a shop near you. The exhibition will take place on Feb 23 through 25. If you’re ever near, stop by at the usual place. I’ll see you all next month! Let’s talk about skating next month. I’m a skater, remember?

FESN director, Takahiro Morita