Hey everyone, it’s June. How are you all? As I said I the last update, I had so much with Tha Blue Herb. The show on 5/2 was a total blast. It was my first time doing visual image for the show and the show itself was the best ever to commemorate their tenth anniversary. It was super good (Hope to be released in DVD)!

Their new single ‘Straight Years’ music video is finished last month as well. You can check it out at their website.

So, it’s June. It’s been exactly a year since the release of ‘overground broadcasting’. My life/work environment has changed a whole lot since then. It was a year where I learned so lot. It was a year of chance and a grateful year with friends’ support. It was a lot of hard work, making films and clothing line in this small production company. It was a whole lot of work, but I learned so lot from it.

I started FESN in 1995 and released my film work at my own pace. In the 14 years of my career, I had always set new goals and worked for it. Looking back to the year 1995 when I first started filming, nothing has changed with my state of mind toward filming. I had always been thinking, “I have to make so and so next”, or “This is what I have to make next”. Being not accepted and not sending out the message to the fullest, I had always felt that kind of feeling since the start in 1995. I had pursued my career thinking, “Next time will be better”, but 14 years later since the start, I’m still thinking exactly the same way. Whether it is DVD or clothing, I realized friends’ support in the real sense after ‘overground broadcasting’ was released. FESN had become an independent and I had to take care of all the work. But by doing so, I started to see the most important thing. I realized the message that I really need to tell people.

FESN is a production company that has to be REAL. We’re not the fakeness that you see regularly in this industry. Even if our REALNESS doesn’t fit the need of the mass…fuck that. We have to prove that we’re real with action. I’m still standing here sending out my message, thanks to all the supporters. Because of the supporters, I’m able to work on my next piece. Thank you so much.

It’s been a year since the release of ‘overground broadcasting’ and all I did was to bust my ass and work on my thing. I had no time to think and tried to accept everything. I tried to take every opportunity. It’s all for the supporters and myself. I hardly had enough sleep and time to skate after the release of ‘overground broadcasting’. I gained 5kg since then… I never blamed my work for my busyness. What I realized was that anything is possible if you really out your mind to it. My work is stealing my time to skate, but I’m on my board at least once a day. I put the boxes on my board for shop delivery and I get on my board and cruise around after the job is done. It feels so good to skate around briefly on weekday afternoon and get back to work. I don’t have much time to skate like I used to, but every day is still a wonderful skate days. I should lose weight spending my days like this, but I guess I’ll never do since I eat more than I burn. I’d always thought why people pick up weight as you get older, looking at my dad. I guess I’m going to have to face that reality so I should think carefully about the things I eat! Anyway, I’m trying to find joy in my busy days and progress. Use time as efficiently as possible, absorb everything, and make it your own to fulfill life. Think positive, never negative. It takes effort to accept, but there is hope.

I had been hurt over ten times on the past and I’m still skating everyday one way or another in my busy time. 20 years since I skate skating. I live skating.

Twice a week, I’m filming for my next film. I have to make in a limited time, so I’m going to do in a new way. Beyond my last film, beyond all my work of the past. The title of the film is set. I’ll announce it in a little while. Let me enjoy it by myself for a bit. OK, see you all next month.

FESN director, Takahiro Morita