How are you people? I’m doing fine as always. A lot of things went down again last month in June. The daily this and that on LIBE BRAND UNIVS and working on designs for the next season. Also I had brainstormed about my next DVD, went out to shoot my serials for Ollie magazine and talking forever with my close friend/comedian Akio. Monthly party Midnight Express and monthly skate kids school at Setagaya Park teaching them how crazy skaters should get. On weekdays, I was cruising around on my board as I delivered my products to shops…just trying my best to promote LIBE on the daily basis.

Well, something special happened for me though you readers wouldn’t even feel anything about it. It’s something very amazing for me. I have known TBH for ten years now since we first met on 5/2, 1999 and I was always shooting their live performance through the lens. That means that I had NEVER seen them perform with my own eyes before. Of course we didn’t know each other before 5/2 1999, so I had never seen them perform. But finally, the chance has come. It’s not just TBH, but they’re filming a music video with DJ BAKU and are going to have a live performance for the shoot. My first time seeing them with my real eyes! I’m gonna see BOSS spit! You know, it was exciting. It’s not TBH, but hey… BAKU and BOSS. Shit, I was so psyched! So I went.

I had never experienced the shooting of music videos, and it was a great experience for me as a filmmaker and I learned a lot from it. I think I could feel and absorb the atmosphere and ideas of the director more than anybody else who was there. So it was great to be there. Thanx Hiroki. The shooting took place at my hometown and I was lucky enough to participate.

About the music video, I haven’t seen it yet so I can’t really say, and I don’t know how it’s edited. But I went all out! (laugh) I didn’t really have anything to do with it, but I went all out way more then anyone else. The next thing I know, I was up on the stage. BAKU was down on the floor, getting tossed around by the audience. BOSS was stage diving. It was a virtual live performance in a way, very conceptual, but it was a hot one. I had waited ten years for this. I went home pretty early though. Why? I drank and went all out. That’s not good for you, for any of you. So I got out and went home.

So, it’s all about KEEP MOVING and KEEP SKATING.
We’re having a lot of events this month too. Midnight Express on the second Thursday. Akira, let’s do this! On 18th Saturday, child of the dubstep GOTH TRAD will be playing at 25th Return of the FAT. We’re planning some experimental live set. DJ RIZE who was the live DJ for Lords of Brooklyn will be playing as well. If you’re looking for a totally new sound, come check it out!

And on 31st! We’re having FAT BROS 14th anniversary party and LIBE BRAND UNIVS 2009 fall/winter exhibition. TBH will be playing!! It’s the second time for TBH at Nakano, and my man who got arrested for this and that is still behind bars and can’t see the performance…(laugh) Hang in there, little man. Let’s have fun!! Don’t keep them in your pocket or wallet. We all look suspicious, you know? If the officers question you, deal with them calmly and with a great smile.

Alright, I’ll see you all again here next month.

FESN director, Takahiro Morita