OK, this is the usual update on the first day of the month. How are you all? It’s already 9/1, time passes so fast, doesn’t it? I even forgot to write rest of the message for last month. So fast… I’m sorry for breaking the promise! So I’m gonna write a long one this month, with some advertisement.

LIBE BRAND UNIVS exhibition and FAT 14th anniversary party took place at Nakano on 7/31. It was a hard work, but it was so much fun. It was the last day of the 2009 autumn/winter exhibition that lasted three days. I was exhausted, but many friends came from in/out of Nakano. A lot of skaters, the usual faces and people from supporting shops who came to Tokyo for this (hope you all enjoyed it). So many people came. But there is one person who couldn’t make it to the exhibition and the party… He’s still behind bars and having a wonderful chat with the inmates. (it seems he’s done half of his time)

And yeah, TBH came to perform at the FAT party in Nakano (welcome back). I had been seeing them just a while ago when they were filming their music video with DJ Baku. I was there and I had so much fun. Two beat boxers (Hiroki’s pop group) had launched an improvisational radio station and the after party was a blast. So it was not like a long time no see kinda thing with Boss, but it had been some time since they last played in Nakano (welcome back). Nakano locals were going crazy once the show started. And I definitely had to document it. This time, I had two unmanned cameras and a Shimada Techniques. So I had no camera in my hands. I looked like I’m one of die hard fans, but I was really doing my job. My three unmanned low cost cameras were capturing the show, and the footage will be used in the first ever FESN ‘LIBE BRAND UNIVS 09. Autumn/winter’ DVD catalogue that I’m putting together right this moment. It’ll be a great catalogue, so it’ll be copied for sure…

So here’s the news. A new audio-visual work from FESN since the last one ‘overground broadcasting’ will be out. It just popped in my mind and I decided to make it. I just had to make it and it’s a banging catalogue. So I’m gonna have to charge you. It’s probably gonna be ¥1050. I think it’s something that make you feel it’s good for the price. And I’ll try to make one every season. FESN is all about skating. It’s an audio-visual catalogue of LIBE BRAND UNIVS. It’ll be dropped this month. Orders from shops other than skate shops are welcomed as well.

So, getting back to the point, Fat party on7/31 was a great one. Many thanks to all staff, friends who helped and rocked onstage. I hope to see you all at Midnight Express. We’ll be waiting with skate obstacles (from Akira Fujimoto).

This month, we’ll be starting the delivery of LIBE BRAND UNIVS autumn/winter products. Before the delivery gets too crazy, I’m gonna have to work on design for the next season and a little booklet for the catalogue. And also, our office will be moving! It’ll be in Nakano, and I’ll get through with this moving, and still work on the delivery. I guess that’ll do for this month. Just wait for the catalogue. It will be banging…he-he…

FESN director, Takahiro Morita