Updating on the first day this month as usual. This is one-year anniversary since I started updating this Message on first day of every month. Doing okay, Tabata-san? I’d like to congratulate myself and get on with the last month of this year’s Message.

So much happened in November. For our party Midnight Express, the section builder Akira was away for a honeymoon and it was the first time without him. On that weekend, I had to go to a skate park early in the morning to teach some kids at a skate school. The weekend after that, 11/14 was the 26th ROTF (A party held in Nakano). So yeah, a lot happened last month but I’d like to write about the ROTF that we held with the original resident members for the first time.

I think it has been seven years since I started ROTF. I remember my friend telling me that there’s a new club in Nakano and it was like, BOOM, “Let’s do it” I had never held a party in my hometown before… well, there were no clubs in the first place. So that’s how ROTF aka Return of the Fat started.

At first, I came up with some kind of concept in holding this party.
1. Have resident DJs (make regular DJ members).
2. Make fresh flyers every time (it was a sticker at first).
3. Make a t-shirt every time.
4. Have at least 100 people to come.
5. Always fair trade to everyone.
6. Film all performances.
7. Record all performances on DAT.
8. Continue.
And what happened to those concepts after 26 times of ROTF?
1. The first resident DJ was DJ Kiyo, who lived on the same Chuo-Line. Also Taichi who did some music for my videos – These two DJs were the first residents. DJ Kiyo lives in Okinawa with his family now, so he’s no longer a resident. Taichi is no longer with us to concentrate on his own work. After that, so many DJs came to spin. JUZU a.k.a. MOOCHY, DJ HIKARU, DJ BAKU, ACKKY, CALM, WACHALL, JUN-GOLD, SHUREN THE FIRE, JNY THE WEEL, GOTH-TRAD, GOMA, K-BOMB, TAIKA, ASA&SHIBATA, DJ DUCT, NUMB&SAIDRUM, DJ DYE, DJ WESSUN, TAIKOMAN, YOUSUKE NAKANO, PONCHI, DJ OSHOW, HIFANA, DJ 504, CHI3CHEE, DJ SODEYAM, JAKUCH, ROGER YAMAHA and DJ RYOTA.
2. Still making flyers every time, but no more stickers for now.
3. Still making t-shirts every time to make each party special. A total of 26 t-shirts exist at the moment.
4. The goal of having 100 people has changed since the 3rd one. The first one was on Thursday and 150 people came. It’s pretty amazing when I look back on that. Currently, people who genuinely love music come by and have fun.
5. Still fair-trading. When it was on weekdays, it was 1500 yen. Now it’s on weekends and it’s 2500 yen.
6. Still filming all performances.
7. No longer recording performances on DAT. I’m using better equipment now.
8. Still going.

Some things have changed, but the 26th ROTF has successfully ended and our resident members are formed for the first time. Booking DJs was the hardest thing when holding a party. We need take care of which DJs to book or we can’t make flyers. If we can’t make the flyers, we can’t promote. No promotion means nobody is coming. When nobody comes, we can’t continue the party. It’s a vicious cycle. In fact I was pretty much stuck in the cycle and the party had been becoming to be a burden for me in a way.

But seven years since the start, I have the official member of ROTF. There were so many things behind forming this member, and I think it’s a great member that came about slowly. There slowly got together under FESN and fat Bros influence. You know whom I’m talking about if you were there at the 26th ROTF, but I’ll let you all know anyways. They will always be playing at ROTF and plus some guests as well.

First is a DJ and friend, Jakucho. He’s a Nakano local and former club staff who had always been supporting out party. He’s love for music is nothing but pure, and always put the needle on wax with heart and soul. He always gives me a mix CD – A good friend of mine, his name is Yuji.

Second is someone I met in NYC in 2001, DJ Rise. We had been connecting here and there, but he finally came to play on the 25th ROTF. His strictly B-Boy attitude turns the silent floor to a hot stage. His performance puts the spirit of minimal music into his scratch technique. I want you all to experience his music at least once.

Third is DJ Duct. He’s from Miyazaki, an ex-skater (why the heck did you quit?) and a lone one turntablist. He’s so crazy that he was obsessed with only one turntable when I first met him. I thought he was going to bring one more turntable soon, but I was wrong. It’s been five years since we first met, and he’s still working with one turntable. I think he even reduced the number of effecters… His mission might be to keep everything simple. He’s music is hard to comprehend, and at first everybody don’t even care about his live set. But wait, he’s only playing with one turntable! He showed us a session play with DJ Rise at 25th ROTF, and also a refined set on the 26th. Heads up for DJ Duct.

Last but not least, fourth DJ is Yousuke Nakano from Fussa. He’s the resident DJ at Midnight Express. His history as a DJ is doesn’t go back like the pther members, but the technique, music and DJ play gets deeper day by day. He’s a producer as well. You can’t talk about FESN without him. He’s usually shy, but once he gets in the DJ booth, he turns aggressive and seeks for new beats. He takes the last set and dominates the floor at ROTF.

So, the above DJs are the new members at ROTF. Other than that, Sonshi and I will be on the set. There will be an artist or a group coming to play as guest. It will be experimental and broaden the way of expression, and above all, I want the party to give something to all who came to enjoy. I have to work harder as an organizer. Flyer design, t-shirt design and video production… so much to work on. Yes, the 3rd this month is Midnight Express and Akira will be coming so I’m relieved. I’m gonna have to work on video production tonight. Sorry for all the delay. I will only do the promotion here, BOOM! Just like that. I’ll see you all next month; the next ROTF will be on 2010 3/13. Headz up.

FESN director, Takahiro Morita