Hi everyone, sorry for all the delay and thank you for waiting so long for the
update. The last update was three months ago and here it is, updating on the
3rd of March; playing around with number threes.

So what was I doing so far this year? The biggest change for me is that I
started FESN.TV, a live web program on Ustream. I’ll tell you about this later
on. I also had a spring/summer exhibition for my clothing brand LIBE BRAND
UNIVS at my office from 2/21 to 2/24. Thank you all for coming. Please look
forward to the delivery of the latest collection. I was planning to give you the
new catalogue at the exhibition but couldn’t make it in time. I’ll probably be
able to very soon. The catalogue itself for this season is a piece of work. It’s
kind of like my full video part. Everything I seek for is in there and it’s totally
free of charge. But! I put all my heart and soul in it. It’ll be delivered to all the
LIBE dealers soon. Enjoy.

Other than that, I’ve made a music video for “Sakhalin Rock” by Oki Ainu Dub
Band. Have you all seen it yet? It was a lot of work and it has become a nice
collab piece with Oki. It took two hours of filming and edited super fast. Yohey
Omori was in charge of the animation. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can
check it in this website’s WORK page. It’s a nice piece.

Oki invited me to a No.1 Ustream program called DOMMUNE as a guest. I’m
not used to being invited to a show and didn’t know what to say. But you
know, just being who you are is always the best. Oki was talking a lot about
interesting things… I didn’t do well. Haha. I almost broke this expensive light
when I tripped on the cord… Thank god I didn’t break it. I’ve already sent my
greetings and gratitude to Oki and all the staff, but I’d like to say it again.
To Oki and all of the staff, so sorry for all that I’ve done! Hope there’d be a
next time. I’ll try my best to make things better for the program! You know…
appearance in the program made me reminisce about the school days when I
was not good at being in a group. I was always sitting by my teacher’s desk
since I was a troublemaker… No more detention though. After the show, I was
singing that Sukiyaki song and cruised full speed through Meiji Street. Well,
many thanks to all who watched it, staff of the program, the host Salaam, Mr.
Ugawa at DOMMUNE, Oki for inviting me, Mr. Tanaka at Chikar Studio… Thank
you all very much. It was a great experience for me!

And here’s what had been going on recently. This is about how I got into
making music videos! It all started from Tha Blue Herb and a documentary
piece to wrap up their 3rd career period was released on 2/16. I’m not the one
who directed it this time but I’d like to state what I thought about the film as a
fan. It’s a two-disk DVD and other than the live shows, there were tons of
REAL footage that captured their true feelings. I first saw their show on 5/2
1999 at Roppongi Core. The first half of the show… their words were filled with
so much negativity and it made me think, “How can you say that?” But
eventually the word went so deep into the minds and came the last part of the
show. Percussion and harp came in and changed everything. Then the last
song, the renowned “Amenimomakezu” was played to end the show. The
audience saw a little bit of light at last. The show was all about deepness of

the dark and we were saved by that little bit of light. I was so in despair about
Japanese hip hop back then and that one show affected and showed me what I
should do until today. That little bit of light is still inside me and I’m still
watching them play even today. In this documentary film Phase 3.9, there was
this word that was repeated over and over by Ill-Bosstino. It was “That Blue
Herb is now talking about love and gratitude.” For me, I simply think that that
little bit of light had become a full light 12 years later. No one can see things
positively from the very beginning, right? The lost sheep back then, including
me, couldn’t believe love and gratitude which could be said lightly. Positivity
exists because of negativity. I believe if the darkness were deep, the light
would be massive. 12 years since the ‘5/2 1999 at Roppongi Core’ and
now ‘Phase 3.9’. By believing in ourselves, acting the way we want to, and
with the help of people whom we will probably meet again, we prepare beyond
our power and get ready for the future. By believing and the light that Tha
Blue Herb sheds is brighter than ever before in Phase 3.9. They’ve done over
170 shows in their 3rd career period and the set gets refined every time. The
raw and fantastic sound and light seen in the last part of the film… Being one
with the audience… The simple sound and image… The film made me think
that I was actually at the show; especially the show at Kitami was the best.
The director Mr. Kawaguchi and the staff, good work. I heard it was a hard
work in such a tight schedule. I just want to send my thanks as a fan. I’m
looking forward to the 4th career period of Tha Blue Herb! Also thank you so
much for the after party. Job well done.

And… Here’s the No.1 change that happened recently, my new program
on Ustream. It’s called FESN.TV, broadcasted from FESN Studio. If you’ve
watched the show, you’re such a seeker and a skate rat. We’ve done three
shows so far and it’s still a test version until April. Why did I start the show?
You’ll find out at the official show on 5/15. I started FESN in 1995 when I was
19. I wanted to prove and show that there are many skilled skaters outside of
Tokyo. I dug all the underground scenes across Japan. It was not just about
skating but also music that I loved so much. The people that I met along the
way have helped me and we improved ourselves by learning from each other.
Tha Blue Herb is the prime example.

And I started making skate videos. This is how it all went down. When I
started skating, all of my dreams were condensed in them. I watched foreign
skate videos every day and copied tricks, fashion and all the other things
that you can think of. I was so into Natas so I copied everything about him.
But he disappeared all of the sudden. I mean, literally, he just disappeared.
I didn’t care about anyone else. I just wanted to see Natas. There were so
many new skaters coming up but I didn’t care. I went to a local skate shop and
asked, “Where’s Natas? Is there any video with Natas in it?” What I heard was
that he was injured and couldn’t skate no more. I was so shocked. I was lost.
And one day, new Natas board was released. I was broke but I managed to
buy it. It was too big for me but I didn’t mind. And it said, “Natas 101” on the
graphic. It was a slick bottom and the graphic didn’t go away. It was a dream
board and I skated two of them. This is something that I found out later, but
Natas had been working on board graphics and editing skate videos. Also doing

logo design for hip-hop artists, layout design for magazines… he was giving his
everything as a creator.

I have so many dreams. I want to skate with Natas. Some day, I want to
design with him. I want to make a skate video with him. I want to be his
friend. And I want to make all of them come true in this life period.

I made the last chapter of my FESN video project, Overground Broadcasting
in 2008. The one whom I wanted to be in it was Natas. I was so close though.
But I couldn’t get him. All the other miraculous things are all in the 80
minutes. But Natas isn’t there. I’ll say this again, but I was almost there. But
couldn’t make it.

So I’ll definitely see him one day. I’ll see him before I die. On 1/15 2011, one
of my older friends from my hometown opened a skate shop in Koenji. It was a
skate shop with a mini bowl. He worked so hard without sleep and opened his
ideal skate shop. And the opening day came on 1/15. Many skaters came by to
congratulate. I went to see the shop the night before… It was a nice shop with
the mini bowl in the back. The owner, my friend, was on the platform sleeping
with a pleasant look. I didn’t bother to wake him and just left. I wanted him
to enjoy the moment. He worked so hard and skated hard. We all received a
little bit of something from him. He never talked much so I had never talked
much with him. I thought we could be close friends though. We had Fatbros in
Nakano, so he decided to open the shop somewhere else. And that was Koenji.
I couldn’t make it to the opening day. I was thinking about going on Monday,
two days after the opening party. I was thinking about skating the bowl and
chatting with him alone.

But that didn’t happen. His name is Tomohiro Kanno. He opened a skate shop/
skate park called Bacteria in Koenji, Suginami, Tokyo on 1/15 (Sat) 2011.
And two days after his dream of opening a skate shop came true, on 1/17, he
passed away.

He was 40. He was quiet, honest, and his action taught us so much. May your
soul rest in peace. I know you lived your life to the fullest. So please watch us
quietly from up there.

For us skaters, skating is like a dream come true. And we have to keep skating
if the dream is there. The dream gets bigger every day. We have to make
our dream come true. I think that’s the meaning of life. FESN’s video project
that started in 1995 had completed with Overground Broadcasting. And three
years from it, a new project has arose. FESN.TV is what it is. VHS days shifted
to DVD, and now it’s shifting again to Blueray. And FESN is stepping into the
Internet video world that I’m mostly not good at. And there are four people
who are helping me out.

Please enjoy the official show on 5/15. I’ll show you the perspective of my
skating. Please also enjoy the test shows before that, the ones on 3/15 and 4/
15 as well. I hope I can live up to all of your expectations.

It was a long long writing… thank you all for reading. Your cooperation is much

2011.3.3 FESN Director, Takahiro Morita

PS – Since 2006, this website has finally renewed. I’m hoping that more
people will visit here and understand what we’re doing at FESN. Thank you so
very much for supporting FESN/LIBE BRAND UNIVS.