Emergency Message – Skaters Must Be United

Thank you very much for retweeting and spreading my message on 3/12. I
appreciate your understandings on saving electricity. I deeply take responsibility
on my words and will make my next action. I feel the things that we can do for the
people in disaster site is limited for us. Saving electricity, donating blood and giving
right information is all we can do. But what is the thing that we as skaters can do? I
think you all are thinking about this too. Skating at a time of crisis like this makes us
feel guilty and skating should be fun but we feel uncomfortable. What general people
would think when seeing us skating in the city in a time like this is… “What the hell
are you guys doing in a time like this, you morons!”
I’m not trying to make you all go out and skate, but I’m a skater. I skate as a way of
transportation and I skate to work and to eat. This might be something controversial,
but we skaters are like that. When we’re out with our skateboards, we see all
architecture, street signs and railings, everything in the city become somewhat of a
playground equipment for us. If that ever happens to you, you’re definitely a skater.
That’s nothing to be ashamed of. We dream in our everyday life. The days since I
found skateboarding were an accumulation of discovery. We see things in the city

Now here are the things that I feel about the city.

We skaters:
- are accepted only when we’re in the city.
- can only make the most of our power when we’re out in the city.
- can find a new form of skating only when we’re out in the city.
- can improve and evolve skating only when we’re out in the city.

I know people will fight back with laws and traffic regulations, but let me add one
more thing.

That’s why we cherish the city. That’s why we approach old people who work in the
city, children in the parks, their moms and dads, with our skateboards and ask for
their understandings so that they won’t feel skaters are dangerous. We take care
of our trash when skating at parks and plazas. We don’t leave cigarette buds in the
streets. We bring back our drink bottles. We take care of all of our trash. Pedestrians
often yell at us skaters since they think we’re noisy and dangerous. But the city is all
we have. I don’t know if all skaters in Japan are doing this but I know we can all do
this. Be nice to pedestrians and do the right thing. For some people, skateboard is a
dangerous toy. But this toy saved me and I can’t leave this toy as just a toy. We’re
only respected when we take care of the city, which we cherish the most.

If you’re a skater:
- you grind when there’s a good ledge, right?
- you skate rails when you find a good one, right?
- you skate stairs when you find a good one, right?
- you skate whatever when you find a good one, right?

We skaters only exist because of the city. I was fortunate that I had the chance to
skate the cities that are in devastating situation now. There are friends in the disaster
site whom I skated with there. They might be devastated with lack of food and harsh
weather as I speak. I hope we can all help them together with the pride of skaters.

On 3/15, we changed our plan and have broadcasted a short program on Ustream’s

FEST.TV. We’ve made it short to save electricity. We at FESN/LIBE BRAND UNIVS
have made relief tees for the people in disaster site. All proceeds will be goes to the
Red Cross Japan. Skaters must be united.
We can all do something to help. Just wear the tee and go outside and skate. You can
help them by purchasing the tee. You can spread the word by wearing it. Please give
us a hand to help the people in need, and to give them hope.

FESN, Takahiro Morita