Time to update the message again. Lat month’s update was on the 28th and it’s a miracle that I’m updating this four days after.
It’s always important to learn from a mistake and here I am updating on the 1st day of the month. Like I wrote last month, the new DVD is going to be released and the title is ‘LIBE BRAND UNIVS.’ This is the first release since ‘overground broadcasting’. A lot has happened since then. My surroundings had changed so much.
Since the release of ‘overground broadcasting’, I had been living my life for LIBE, or should I say that was the only thing I had? I had been thinking about LIBE, the design, the vision of the brand, and skating.
How can I link what I had been doing as a job and skating? How can I find a meaning and value in what I do? Like I said before, whether we like it not we only live once. I don’t wan to live my life crying; I want to be smiling and laughing. I want to repay the world by what I can do (I had been skating and violating traffic rules all my life, but… you know?).

So having said that, I can’t lie to myself. Look around you. The world is mad.
Japan, the US, Africa, Asia, South America, Europe… The whole world is crazy.
Crazy things are going on behind our mediocre minds. War never ends racism still exists. Some still profit from invasions. There are people who make someone else do the hard work and make profit off of it. There are politicians who speak nice caring words about struggle and poverty without experiencing lowest quality life. There are politicians who stand on a high platform just because he/she was born in politician’s family. We can’t even imagine how much of a financial support they get from their parents. And when they feel the heat, they run and when the problem settles, they come back like nothing happened. A politician who only says “reduce the tax”… You’re useless. You can’t fool us no more. I’ve had enough. I’m only a skater and you make me say this… the world has gone mad.

And the time when war can begin anytime will come. Crime rate of this country will rise. We need to cultivate a sense of morality even more since diverse people are coming into this country. Japan is not what it used to be. It will change just like that. A lot has changed. I hope it’s going to change in a good way but that is not likely to happen. In Tokyo where I live, I can sense it. If you reading this in the countryside and feel the way I do, the future is not bright.

We need to make clear and we have to understand. There are so many that we need to think about. If we stop thinking, there will be no future for us.

It’s not easy for a time of a peace world where everyone is happy and hopeful to come. But we can’t stop imagining it. We can’t stop experimenting in a personal level. We have to what we can do.

That’s about it for now. 8/8 is the release date of my new piece. If you watch it and feel it was good, show it to your friends. There’s still a month, but heads up.

Let us make the boring world interesting.

FESN director, Takahiro Morita