Time to update the message section. First, I’m sorry to announce that the release date of the DVD is delayed. The day of the weed is no good. I hope I can release it in August… The aliens had attacked. Please don’t say FESN is no good. I’ll work harder from now on. But I had a small premiere party of the DVD in my hometown. It made me a bit happy to show what I had been working on a¥ for a year. I believe the last applause that I got from the audience was something from the heart, not a lie. Thank you very much friends. Like I said, I will work harder from now on. LIBE dealers in Japan will be the first to have them on sale. For real. And the price! It’s ¥1050 (about 10 bucks). For real. So but them! The profit will be used for the next piece. For real.

Anyway, please let me apologize for all the delay. I’m sorry. But it’s a great piece.

And today is a special day. It’s the 65th anniversary of what made today’s world order.
HIROSHIMA. In Japan where we live, we are educated in a weird way. Teachers teach us about the 20th century’s worst crime in a positive way. It’s really sick. The problem is always replaced to what we had done to China and Korea. It’s always replaced to the Pearl Harbor. Let me make this clear. Dropping A-bomb is a crime. Hiroshima and Nagasaki should have never happened. The world is accepting such a tragedy in a positive way. Power is justice in this crazy world. We are human beings who have intellect. Where are we headed?

What a pity. I would like to give a moment of silence to the people who passed away from the A-bomb 65 years ago.

Three days from now, it’s Nagasaki. For those here that are reading this, we have to learn our history to make the world a better place. Do what you can.

Heads up for the DVD. Skating is the best.
So until next month, keep on skating.

FESN director, Takahiro Morita