Alright, it’s time to update the Message. Sorry for all the delay.
Have you checked the new DVD? The content, jacket and price are all my message. I wanted people to get the message and that’s why made the DVD. Everything I wanted to say is in it. I don’t want any misunderstandings but I can’t be afraid to say what I have to say. I’ll make a sequel sometime soon with that style. So please watch it over and over again. We FESN make things so that you can watch it over and over.

By the way, we had LIBE BRAND UNIVS exhibition at the beginning of the month. It was held at our office for the first time. A lot of people from supporting shops came to see the new stuff. Thank you! We hold a real meeting with them and talk about our business plan for two hours, talking about what can be done for both of us, plans of the next line up and future of the shops. This is what LIBE exhibition is all about. We only had our dealers at the exhibition this time but I hope we can have more people in the future. Thank you so much for coming. This is only the beginning though.

Support Your Local Scene is the theme/project of LIBE BRAND UNIVS. A shop in Aichi called Attack Store has joined to our list and made khaki sand TEE with smoke navy print. It looks super dope. Check it out if you’re near the shop. Also Grande in Kurume Fukuoka and Regulate in Hiroshima has made additional TEEs with us. Burgundy body with gold print for Grande, and black body with red print for Regulate. The color ways represent their shop color. Check these two out too. They’re in the new DVD as well so watch closely. Hit pause button for those scenes. That’s how you watch my shit, like a latchkey children would do when they’re at home alone.

You have to watch closely.

You’ll realize something when you do so. There are always secrets hidden behind things. Please try to decode the DVD, LIBE BRAND UNIVS.

And let me talk a little about my man who’s in the DVD, a comedian Akio Seki from Hello Bye Bye.

I just watched this DVD about an urban myth that was released from a TV show called Yarisugi Koji. It was pretty much Akio’s DVD rather than the show’s though. To tell you about the content, … it was fabulous.
I’m always super busy and the only time I can see him was on DVD, not on TV since I’m never home. But man, the DVD was the shit. No wonder he’s my man. Being super aggressive. We skaters gotta work hard too. We gotta charge.

And you know what? Akio has been skating recently. We have to thank him. I want skaters to increase. I want friends who can feel skating more freely. Walking is good for your health but skating feels better. It’s faster too. You don’t have to push if it was downhill. Whether you can skate good or not, it doesn’t matter.
Skating is about letting go of yourself. I hope there’ll be more people whom I can share this thing with. Bikes are cool but skating is way better. You can change the way you look at the city. It’ll change the way you interact with people. We will have a rich way of looking at things. That’s what I learned through skating. Whether you can skate good or not, it doesn’t matter. Don’t be shy. Just enjoy. Doesn’t matter if you suck. Just enjoy. Put on your favorite sticker on your board and enjoy. Paint whatever you want on your board and enjoy. Put some lights in your board and enjoy. Write a poem on your board and enjoy. Paint your trucks and enjoy. Put on different color wheels and enjoy. Clean up the bearings and go fast. Shoot skate spots and enjoy.

Criticize skate videos and enjoy. Talk about skating with your buddies and enjoy. Watch skate videos with your girl and enjoy (man – “I can do this” girl ? “Then do it already!”).

Enjoy and enjoy, enjoy to the fullest. I’ll say this again and again, you don’t have to be shy. Nobody’s watching you. You can’t skate like that. Forget about the others.

Don’t mind anything if you’re a skater.

You need to enjoy first. I think that’s the way to skate.

Thanks for reading. I’ll try to update this early next month. Uchiyamada-kun, thanks for reminding me about the update. I’ll try to work harder on this Internet. Same with skating too. I’ll try to invent more tricks and have fun.
OK ya’ll, keep skating until next month. Keep pushing. Peace.

FESN director, Takahiro Morita