It’s already May. Sorry for the late update. I’m sending out this FESN message
on May 10th.
Now I’ve sent the new catalogue of LIBE BRAND UNIVS last month! Have you
checked the 2011 Spring/Summer Collection? And have you listened to the
enclosed CD? You know, as Takahiro Morita, I couldn’t just limit it as just a
catalogue. I wanted it to be something interesting and fun, and also something
that will stay. It’s free so there’s no problem, right? People who create
things only want to make others happy. To expand my creative horizon, the
important thing is to not waste anything. I hope you will enjoy the catalogue
with your eyes and ears. And if it made you want to buy LIBE BRAND UNIVS,
that’s the best thing. Haha.

A big holiday Golden Week has ended and here it is, how have you all been?
People who are reading this should be skaters so I assume you were probably
skating. Well, “I was at home listening to music all day…” or “I was with my
lady and…” or “I was in the mountains…” or “I was at a river…” I assume a lot
had been going on. Well, what ahd I been doing? I was making a video… and
there’s a thing I was doing. I was folding Tees… and another thing. I had been
enclosing CDs to the new catalogues… If I knew the pictogram of sadness,
I would put it at the end of this sentence, but let’s not do that. I would feel
sadder. Haha. I skated on the last day of the holiday though! I went to the
newly opened Miyashita Skatepark. Only for an hour though… but it was a lot
of fun. I’m not used to wearing a helmet so that was the hard part. But having
a skatepark in the middle of Shibuya is a great thing. I’m grateful for all the
people who made it happen! I’ll be back.

As I said before, I was making a video. I was making a music video for Oki
Ainu Dub Band again. I was so happy that I got the offer again and that’s
how I spent my holidays making the video. And it was a collaboration with an
artist that is super famous for 30-and-over skaters who had spent some time
at clubs… Rankin Taxi! I used to like one of his songs in high school days so I
was stoked. I was listening to the song at a club when I had just broke n up
with a girl. And there was this girl that I picked up at a DJ bar in Shibuya, and
when I went to her house, I heard the song… There are so much memories in
that song. The music video that I had been working on was not about lost love

I went to shoot the recording session and the schedule was looking tight so I
had to improvise the editing again. I went through the footage and the song
but it didn’t feel right. It was the number of word in the lyric that made me
feel so. The song is 4:30 minutes long and he’s singing for 4:20 seconds
straight. There’s no interlude and the content of the lyrics is about his ideas on
Nuclear power. The title is “DMNN2011” short for “Darenimo Mienai Nioimo Nai
2011 (No one can see nor smell 2011)”

I did my best and made the video. You’ll see it on this website. FYI, you can
purchase and the money will be donated for the people in the disaster area.

Yeah, so I was super stoked to work with Rankin Taxi. No one was there to
support me so I was on my own. It was strictly a benefit thing but I got a lot
out of it. The recording was super live and there was no compromise. Oki gave
bits and pieces of advice and Rankin satisfied all of them. The atmosphere
was tense and fun at the same time. It was great. Well, I had to bring back
the footage and that’s when my work begins. It’s all on my own and is a lone
work, but that’s the fun part.

So I hope you’ll all enjoy the music video. It’s the best of all my work so far!
My newest work is always the best of all my work! That’s the rule of FESN, you
know? So head up and enjoy!

And… one more thing. It’s on again this month! FESN.TV!
This time we went to Hachioji Skatepark, the biggest park in Tokyo area. It
was a good chance for me to skate so I skated my ass off even though I hadn’t
had any sleep the previous day. And there’s a little new thing in the program
so Please check it out. We’re having a tweet section this time. Please tweet
and let us know what’s up. We want to spread skateboarding to all generations
and FESN.TV will be broadcasted at 10PM on Sunday the 15th. Please watch it
live. You can watch it in the archives but live is way better.

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who supported the benefit “SKATERS
MUST BE UNITED” tee. The earning as of 5/9 is \2,065,500 and it has been
donated to the Red Cross Japan. I’m grateful for all the support and I want to
spread the message to as many people as possible. I have so much more to
learn but I’ll try and show the presence of skater to the society. Your support
is much appreciated.

So much happened in April but there weren’t much skate topics. But I’d been
skating no matter how busy I am. It’s a disease. I want to make some action.
Doesn’t Ryuichi Tanaka have to come shoot me for the new Strush video?
Don’t editors at skate magazines have to some to me for some kind of offer
for the magazine? How about young filmers who want to film me? Don’t be
a pussy and come over and offer me. Haha. I want to make some action! I’d
been skating so that I can take the offer. OK, I’ve made my presentation and
would like to end this. See you all next month. Keep pushing.

FESN Director, Takahiro Morita