It’s June! Yeah, the rainy season has come. It’s a tough season for skaters in Japan
but I’ve been doing quite fine so here it is, the update for Message section. And a
week late as always… here we go.

First, let me thank those who were moved by my last message. I got to know how
you’re all thinking about skating. I’m thankful for all your support and understandings.
Please check what I’m doing from now on. Let’s hold hands and make it a big wave.


Now I had a lot of company last month and I went out on a trip see as well. I went
out on my own with my camera in my hands. I hadn’t been filming skating much since
I released Overground Broadcasting in ’08, and the trip made me realize that it’s a
hard work. Well, filming equipment has gotten smaller and lighter so it’s gotten a bit
easier though. Good memories came back too.
So where did I go? I went to a famous club called Manier in Kanazawa, Ishikawa
prefecture. The purpose was to go to the 2nd anniversary of a skate shop called Big
Burg. They had a skate section on the club and it was a nice party. They wanted me
to skate but I told them that once I had skated before in front of massive people and
got hurt. I’m traumatized so I just asked them that I’d secretly come and enjoy the
party. Anyway, I went to Kanazawa and filmed the whole thing. I got to skate with the
locals too. It’ll be broadcasted in the next FESN.TV at 10pm on 6/15 so stay tuned.
The show is still experimental and it’ll be like that for a while, so check it out. I’m
trying to make skate freaks across Japan more freakier so you gotta check the show.
And to everyone who’s organizing skate events across Japan, keep skating alive! We’ll
do the same and visit your town!

So please check FESN.TV at 10pm on 6/15.

And remember that I tweeted about a TV show called Yarisugikoji Toshidensetsu? Did
you see the show? The show made me freak out a bit. The navigator Akio had broke
down the famous UFO story of Junichi Yaoi and made it a future entertainment… It
was a great show. My family all watched the show and my dad even said, “Who the
hell is this guy?” to the TV screen. If you haven’t seen it, check the DVD, which will be
out in the near future. FESN is all about being out-of-box. I’ll try my best to make you
all excited like a first love.

“Believe it or not, it’s up to you.”

Now this is about a room at FESN, aka ‘F Room.’ I’d been putting all my ideas in
this ‘F Room.’ What do I wanna do? What do I wanna do in the future? I’d been asking
this to myself every day and that’s about freedom. Action speaks louder than words!
Let me do it. I know none of you would understand from this, but this is all I can say
at the moment. Aka ‘F Room.’ It’s not like sex shops; it’s all about originality. This is
the first step of FESN to ‘make your neighbor a skater.’ I know you don’t get it but
wait and see. I’ll make a new spot in Nakano.

Exactly, “Believe it or not, it’s up to you.”

Well, that’s what it’s like nowadays for me. I gotta work harder. The next season of
LIBE BRAND UNIVS. is on your way too. Delivery for this season is almost completed
as well. FESN.TV will start officially in December too. FESN’s got a lot we want to do
and they’re all possible with your support.


See you all next month. Keep skating & keep pushing.

FESN Director, Takahiro Morita