(candy video magazine)

format VHS(1998)
directed by Takahiro Morita
sound track produced by DJ YAS(kemuri production)
appearance takeshi takahashi,shinnosuke yonesaka, koichi owada, wataru nagashima, naoki orimoto, tatsuya nogami, daisuke tanaka, akiyuki matsubara, kami, tetsuya konno, dre asahi, kuramochi, kiminori ito, toyohiko ayano
comment A visual piece produced by FESN introduced in Candy Video Magazin’98. Featuring all skaters from OWN, especially smooth skating by Shinnosuke Yonesaka, Koichi Owada, Takeshi Takahashi and Wataru Nagashima stands out. DJ YAS, a producer known for Japanese hiphop masterpiece ”SHO-GEN”, was featured for the back track giving warm groove and hard beat. Not only a monochrome skate video. A life style movie of OWN.
price promotion only not for sale
stock VHS promotion only not for sale