title Collective Improvisation/STRUSH WHEEL
format DVD(2008)
directed by Ryuichi Tanaka
appearance rui araki、takahiro morita、toru yoshida、masafumi kajitani、shinpei ueno、ryuichi tanaka、soichi osabe、masayuki irishio、hideyuki kondo、akira akira takata
comment A debut DVD ‘Collective Improvisation’ from a domestic wheel company Strush Wheels has been released. The team members are from Kobe, Osaka and Tokyo, and Takahiro Morita of FESN rides for the company as well. All the skaters featured in this video are worth watching, but most of all, the relationship between Morita and DJ Baku is the highlight. Combining samplings from hip-hop to break beats and with his scratch technique, DJ Baku brings us his new track ‘Evil Escape Dance’ exclusively for Morita’s part. With the track playing in the back, Morita skates freely beyond all types of skating today. Although he seems like his just playing around as if he’s saying, “It’s only skating”, you can definitely see the skills. Music and skating, the two are from different genres, but they have no doubt in what they’re pursuing.
The part looks like they’ve improvised everything, and you will also feel the calculation behind it.
price ¥3,570 (tax in)
stock SOLD OUT
information http://strush.com/