Long time no see, Sorry I couldn’t update the message. I’ve wrote about the tour I went to for my friend’s project, and also my next project at the same time… I’ve written this like I’m talking, I’m gonna do this in this style from now on. I get tired, you know? Japanese language can change it’s meaning if you don’t be careful. It’s hard…
Tha Blue Herb has released their 3rd album and they were off to the 3rd stage tour, I couldn’t help myself saying, “Me too! Me too!” From July 1st to the 10th, starting from Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima, Kumamoto, Fukuoka, Kyoto, and back to Tokyo Liquid Room. Tha Blue Herb is back again with 2-hour long live. A super simple crew with 1MC and 1DJ, an attempt to express a real life in 2-hour live was overwhelming. I shouldn’t say anything about their album here…. No, wait. I have to say this. It was sooooooooooo good!! (haha) As for the self-claimed no.1 Blue Herb fan such as myself, 2nd album was better than the 1st, and 3rd was better than the 2nd. And yeah, there’s a moment when the massage in a song from the past album mean a lot today too. It’s just the message, not the music itself. People keep on learning and progressing. The live proved it. The first day in Nagoya, next day in Osaka, get a day off, then Hiroshima, Kumamoto the next day, and Fukuoka 2 day later…it was a whole tight schedule. I was always thinking, “How can he rhyme without mistaking all those words?” and “How can he be not nervous in front of all these audience and keep on spinning without his hands shaking?” The first time I saw them in Tokyo, my god! I was totally shocked! May 2nd, 1999. I can still remember the day like yesterday, I know for sure that if it was today, I wouldn’t be shocked. But 9 years ago, I was blown away. I was so moved that I couldn’t even move. Why I wouldn’t get blown away today? I’ve learned a lot and I’ ve experienced at least 5years than Tha Blue Herb that day. But you know what? Maybe it’s not that simple…not something like that…

To those idiots who hadn’t seen Tha Blue Herb since 2000, or say “I liked the 1st album but not the rest”, “Recent hip-hop is so and so”, or even “ Tha blue Herb changed!” and start chasing after the recent trend, a self-claimed smart guy. Whenever is fine, even by chance, or maybe just coming into your sight accidentally is fine. I want all of you to see and experience their power, message, and most of all their wonderful sound of “now” before you pass away and burn to ashes. Even though yesterday and today sucks, the right perfect moment will come in your lives. I can say that for sure. But you know what? …it’s only for those who are willing to live positively.
Live performance in a year and a half. I wouldn’t say nothing has changed. Their “fangs” are still there at the core. The “poison” is still deeply in their pockets despite how it looks, changing density and purity, ready to kill. Things are added, but never subtracted as I can see. If you see them and feel that they’ve lost something, I prefer you to doubt your sensitivity. You haven’t learned a thing. Look at me, I’m still here filming them.

FESN Representative, Takahiro Morita