It’s time to update message. I’ll try to update it in the beginning of each month…OK, here we go. It’s been mad hot in Japan as usual, seeking spots, pulling tricks, tasting the ground, over and over, that’s how we’re doing everyday, day and night. I’ve been constantly doing a project every season besides skating, which is a clothing brand. I’m going to write about this LIBE BRAND UNIVS, clothes for us to wear to begin with.

I started FESN in 1995 and released a video in September of the same year. 6 month later in February 1996, second video was released. I used all turn over for the package and the studio. I traveled all over the country for a year and a half and filmed. I got a drivers license during the time, so my traveling range had expanded. The video that was completed in February 1997, that was probably something that made who I am today. May of the same year, I started making clothes for us to wear, which I’m going to write about.

The brand name “LIBE BRAND UNIVS” (it used to be just LIBE), is a made-up word, combining LIVE and VIBE. I realized after that the name included the word LIBERATION, I still remember that I felt it was a definite naming. As a child growing up, I used to be a kid who liked to wear American skate brand and American vintage clothes, just like every other kids. I used to wear the same clothes that my favorite skater was wearing. I wanted to look like Johnny Rotten and Sid when I used to be a punk kid, I used to imitate Captain Sensible too. Even after that from early punk to NY hardcore, Social Distortion to Stray Cats, from Psycho to Operation Ivy and then ska (just the style), my outfit kept on changing. It was a time where I used to be inspired by all artists at CBGB and bought their cds, like SST and imitate their looks. The style I was most inspired in high school days was “Straight Edge”. It was not only how it looked, it was about the thought behind it. Anti-alcohol, anti-drug, anti-violence, anti-sex just for the fun of it. An attitude, not a style, taught me a lot. The person bringing out “Straight Edge” whom I love is still living with the attitude. I remember thinking to myself, “the thing you wear is only a style, not an attitude”. Although even after that I was inspired by a lot of music and stylers, that was still the way of choosing what to wear. I’m 31 years of age. My (our) typical style, LIBE BRAND UNIVS is 10 years old, only a kid. I can’t say I understand and know everything, but it’s still clothes for us to wear, for us. The days of imitation to look like somebody cool is over, I won’t imitate nobody. I will never say “I want my brand to be loved by all people”, I won’t make something that’s catchy or try to adapt with whatever people want. This is not Uniclo, there’s no limitation in expression. Since there’s no limitation, the message I want to bring out will always be there. This is only a thought of my own, but since I want this world to be a sane place, I won’t touch a brand that is made by an American only-for-profit that tries to invade other brands with a notion of imperialism. There are people feeling that they’re somebody by helping them. I don’t want any part in that. And by not wearing them, I will never give a hand to those who have no idea that they’re helping to build a CRAZY New World Order. I would rather try to uplift my town, give directions, and carry on to the next. The thing that I felt in the past, “the thing you wear is only a style, not an attitude” was a wrong idea of a child. It was something I thought before starting to make clothes, and it’s a misconception. LIBE BRAND UNIVS. It’s only 10 years old, young, hungry, underdeveloped, an immature thing. Clueless and childish, but serious. Because of that, clothes that we make as we rush straight through with no hesitation, is nothing but an attitude. It is nothing but an attitude of those who wear our stuff. This is a project about not forgetting to make clothes for us to wear, bringing out the most important thing, knowing ourselves, keeping it, and progressing. It’s a life’s work. Never be swayed by anybody, root, grow and bloom someday.

We will be exhibiting our Autumn/Winter line from September 4th to the 6th. The catalogue will be in OLLIE EX that will come out in October. I want as many people to see it, but I won’t beg. We will have a report on the exhibition in this website too. Close friends and friends in far places, old friends who don’t have time to talk as much like before, friends whom I haven’t met in years…a friend whom I met in 19 years (you hadn’t changed). Come and have a good time. It’s something I made, so t’s gotta be sick, right? Come and see for yourself.

See you all next month.

FESN director, Takahiro Morita